Is Your Vocation hiding out right under Your Nose?






Finding your real Vocation need not be a long arduous journey. It merely takes some willingness to take heart, to think, and to put pen to paper. Your efforts may well get rewarded by finding what you’ve been looking for right under your nose. Our story this month shows how you might not only discover what you want to do, but the very means to do it:

Martisse (42) used to enjoy her administrative post at a university but found herself increasingly snowed under by a huge workload. She started to suffer from frequent colds and the nagging sense that there is ‘more’ to her became impossible to ignore. She first came across ‘What Colour is Your Parachute?’ in 2013 but felt too burdened by her job to take a closer look at the time.

One year later, she attended a free Parachute talk and booked some individual consultations. This allowed her to take a fresh look at her favourite transferable skills, (e.g. ‘creating’) and her favourite fields, or passionate interests, (e.g. ‘health foods’). Having always enjoyed art, she admitted that creativity was ‘as essential as breathing’ to her.

Following the completion of her self-inventory, Martisse ran a ‘Parachute Party’ (brainstorm event). She discovered to her utter surprise that a friendly acquaintance not only shared her passion for raw chocolate, but also her vision for a related venture, such as a mobile raw chocolate shop – and had complementary business skills to go with it. Here is what she has to say:

“I’m now formulating a plan with my new business partner who holds a startlingly similar vision of what kind of products we’d like to sell. Recently, we did some impromptu market research by offering our chocolate samples to staff, including the Head Chef, at a cafe near Stroud Farmers Market, and they all loved them!

I feel on track with my new work in a way I never have before. I feel like I’ve stumbled out of a dark, foot-tangling forest and emerged into a sunny meadow – a place where my dreams are easily seen and, more amazingly, where it feels possible to reach them. It’s fantastic to have finally discovered something I love to do that ticks all the boxes.”

About RealVocation

'Real Vocation' offers inspiration and support to those discovering their true vocational Self 'beyond the 9 to 5'. If you are looking for insights on career planning, changing job, or want to take a fresh look at your best options, come to this page for encouragement and also check out: RealVocation is about Vocational enquiry with a difference based on Richard Bolles' best-selling career guide 'What Color is Your Parachute?'
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