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'Real Vocation' offers inspiration and support to those discovering their true vocational Self 'beyond the 9 to 5'. If you are looking for insights on career planning, changing job, or want to take a fresh look at your best options, come to this page for encouragement and also check out: RealVocation is about Vocational enquiry with a difference based on Richard Bolles' best-selling career guide 'What Color is Your Parachute?'

5 Tips to Make Career Change Exciting

You have been there – thinking about your work, something inside is shouting ‘no more’ but the shelf life of the courage to change is about 3 seconds. Popular reasons to stay put include ‘age’, ‘money’, ‘the house’, and so … Continue reading

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Is Your Vocation hiding out right under Your Nose?

        Finding your real Vocation need not be a long arduous journey. It merely takes some willingness to take heart, to think, and to put pen to paper. Your efforts may well get rewarded by finding what … Continue reading

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Trust What You Enjoy – Always

The richness of people’s stories, and their willingness to test the Parachute Paradigm never ceases to inspire me. Let me introduce Stella and Louisa, two special people. Louisa (34) contacted me after seven unhappy years as a financial analyst. Having joined … Continue reading

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What is Success?

A strange outdoor exhibit recently caught my eye in Germany. A multi-coloured ladder standing isolated in space – serving no obvious purpose and poignantly leading nowhere. The inscription read: “Career ladder – nobody has ever seen one before. Pay particular … Continue reading

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Real Vocation and Yoga goes Live

Finally – after years of exploring words, colours and ‘the Calling’ knocking on my door – the RealVocation website is released. The message it carries is timeless, and I feel privileged to be able to share it. It has always … Continue reading

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